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Smart tools and services for your business.
Applications and systems for home and business automation and monitoring.

Synchronecs was created in 2015, by a group of experts and engineers in telecommunications and Software engineering. Synchronecs thereby inherits more than 25 years of experience in project management, business intelligence, embedded computing and critical systems.

The main idea of our project is to create and ease the use of collaboration systems, combining smartness, flexibility and scalability. We aim to provide our customers and partners technical acurate and affordable solutions to optimize their daily work and support their production systems.

For this, we provide and support solutions and human resources for projects.


IT services

On demand software engineering feasibility and preliminary studies, project Management officer(PMO) outsourcing,change management, software design and implementation.

R&D activities

We innovate in intensive computing board and middleware design, embedded sensor and automation systems such as Computer vision, smart and autonomous sensors,UAV and UGVs.

learning labs

We provide full stack or on demand software technologies and frameworks learning courses. Our services are available
by on site and online via our intranet.


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